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Meet Our Members on Mondays: ZoomWorks Photography

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This Member Monday (which was saved for today due to the New Year’s Holiday), we are excited to meet Marisu Wehrenberg and Shannah Cahoe Montgomery of ZoomWorks Photography. These two ladies are a dynamic duo, complimenting each other’s talents to provide their clients with a fantastic photography experience.  Not only can you learn more about this photography team below, but you can also catch a glimpse of some of their work!

Marisu Wehrenberg and Shannah Cahoe Montgomery

ZoomWorks, a fusion of the vision of Marisu Wehrenberg (pictured left) and Shannah Cahoe Montgomery (right), was formed in 1999 to create art from their uncommon view. The two women are different in many ways, yet alike in the ones that matter for working together.  They have been a team for the past 12 years in Athens, Georgia and around the world.

Marisu, Shannah, ZoomWorks, Photography, Photographers, TeamMarisu and Shannah care passionately about creating great photographic art, and also about creating a great experience for their clients. They thrive on the relationships they develop and consider each new client a potential customer for life and a friend. Many clients continue to call on them even when life takes them far away. Luckily, the ZoomWorks gals are always ready to travel and enjoy the perspective that new locations can provide.

The ZoomWorks team, which includes make-up artists and graphic designers in-house, sees the creative process through from start to finish for their clients as they capture the delight, the beauty and the emotions that come from connected families, new life, a treasured pet or the decision of two people to spend their life together. Marisu brings years of experience in the world of fashion photography and marketing to the table and Shannah has a strong background in film, darkroom and design with a BFA and MA in photography & visual communication. It’s that depth of experience that allows their clients to trust them and truly open up.

Because relationships are essential to the kind of work they create, Marisu and Shannah have a strong sense of community. They donate their services to numerous causes and believe strongly in giving back to the community that has supported their business through the years.

ZoomWorks Photography

The talent of the two ZoomWorks girls combined provides the pair with a wide range of offerings for their clients. Below are some great samples of various bridal portraits by the ZoomWorks team.  We love how each bride’s photograph is unique from the rest, yet the photography style is consistently elegant.

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Since their specialties include other types of photography outside of the wedding realm, here are some of their fashion forward photos influenced by Marisu’s experience with fashion photography and marketing.

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Thanks to the ZoomWorks team for sharing their story and their talent with our Two Bright Lights Community!



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