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Meet Our Members On Mondays: Elisabeth Perotin

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This Member Monday, we are excited to introduce one of our international photographers, Elisabeth Perotin of Elisabeth Perotin Photographie. Elisabeth is a French photographer from Reims, near the romantic city of Paris. We love that not only are our Two Bright Lights members talented, but they can also be found all over the world, spreading the beauty of photography across the globe!

Elisabeth Perotin

Elisabeth Perotin discovered her passion for photography when she was 14, thanks to her uncle. To feed her newfound passion, she began working as a photographer for the local newspaper. However, she ended up working in graphic design until one fateful day 3 years ago when she was inspired once more to pursue her love for photography. She was preparing for her own wedding when she randomly came across the work of an American photographer on the internet and immediately fell in love with the photographer’s natural way of shooting weddings, called “Lifestyle Photography”. She couldn’t ignore the passion inside of her much longer and she decided to change her job to become a wedding photographer. Elisabeth began 2 years ago and does not regret her choice; she’s the happiest woman in the world now. It’s a real pleasure for her to experience such a beautiful day with the couples she meets and to capture their emotions. Her dream now is to shoot a wedding in the United States, the country that made her want to become a wedding photographer.

Elisabeth Perotin Photographie

Elisabeth told us of this wedding she photographed, “I love to shoot retro-boheme styled weddings, and this wedding was probably the one that most closely resembled what I would dream of for myself. The bride Aurélie wore a wonderful 20′s style dress made by “Lili M“, a very talented designer from Reims, France and an absolutely beautiful bouquet of peonies. She also wore amazing shoes created by Vivienne Westwood. Aurélie created everything herself, which is why this wedding was so unique.  Aurélie and her groom, Sylvain, made an awesome couple and it was a real pleasure to photograph them!”

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Thanks to Elisabeth Perotin for sharing her lovely story and photography with us! For more information on Elisabeth, make sure to visit her website and blog!




  1. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you so much Stephanie for this absolutely lovely article ! I’m so flattered !!! Let’s hope one of your reader “Bride to be” will like my work and would like me as a photographer for her wedding in the USA !

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