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The Queen of Cake Pops Shares Her Secrets

Featuring Lauren Martin of Sweet Lauren Cakes

Lauren Martin Sweet Lauren Cakes

Both your cakes and cake pops look so fun and delectable. Can you tell us a bit about your cakes and cake pops?

We love creating cake pops! We have spent a lot of time focusing on creating the most delicious recipes for our cakes while also challenging our artistic abilities in chocolate. We love when clients come to us with a custom request for a new design! The

We have noticed that cake pops are a growing trend in the events and wedding space.  Why do you think that is? Have you seen your cake pops growing in popularity recently?

Absolutely! Cake pops are definitely a growing trend in the wedding space for several reasons: they are very guest friendly- guests can easily balance a cake pop and a glass of chamgpagne without fiddling with a plate and fork and napkin. Cake pops are portion controlled! Guests don’t have to commit to a large slice of cake, they are able to try several flavors or just try one (but more most try many – like 5!). The cake pops also add another element of fun to the party- we have seen people take them out on the dance floor and use them as microphones to lip synch to and as dance props whirling around their heads. People also love the ability to customize this small treats with everything from monograms, invitation details, groom’s hobby’s, the couple’s pets, to caricatures of the bride and groom.

Tiered cake pops by Sweet Lauren Cakes

Every business has a great story. Could you tell us the story behind Sweet Lauren Cakes?

We moved from Atlanta to San Francisco in the fall of 2008.  A friend of mine started Cupcake Camp (a space for sharing all things cupcake) which had a cupcake competition so I wanted to show my support but had never baked before in my life! But I decided to try my hand at making cupcake pops. People went crazy over them! They were so excited about them, that they started contacting me and then a friend’s company asked to order some for a party, and off we went!

Cake pop dessert table by Sweet Lauren Cakes

Have you always had a passion for baking? How did you learn the tricks of the trade?

Actually, until about 3 years ago, I had never baked a cake from scratch before. But people were so excited about the cake pops, that I just had to learn more! And then I got my first order for a wedding cake from a friend who was determined that I would make her wedding cake. After several months of classes and LOTS of practice, I made a beautiful wedding cake! I would say the most important thing I have learned is practice, practice, practice.

Could you tell us about your all time favorite cake pop and cake you have every made? Why are they your favorite? 

Actually, I have two! We had a client that sent us a swatch of Indian fabric and asked us to create cake pops to match. The result was so beautiful! I love featuring these pops everywhere now. My other favorite were ordered for a couple who loved to travel and so we came up with a travel gnome and vintage suitcases! People just love them!

Cake pop designs by Sweet Lauren Cakes

What is the biggest challenge about being in the dessert space? What is the best part?

I would say our biggest challenge is resisting the urge to snack on cake all day! :) But seriously, the most challenging aspect at the moment is exposure-introducing people to cake pops and all the fun ways they can be used at any celebration. And the best part of the dessert space is the opportunity to create new and exciting designs for each client. The design possibilities are endless, so we love when clients come to us with new design ideas!

As a baker, what sorts of images do you like receiving from the photographer at an event? What is one thing you wish photographers realized about your treats (and any treats for that matter) when they took pictures?

We love to seeing shots of both the details and the full set-up. We spend so much time perfecting every little detail on each cake pop, it’s so nice to see them perfectly framed, looking even more beautiful in a professional shot. But we also appreciate seeing them in perspective when they are displayed as part of a dessert display or as a whole cake pop cake. We are looking forward to working with Two Bright Lights more and more as our favorite photographers utilize the site to send us photos.

Cake pops dessert table by Sweet Lauren Cakes

Do you change your designs and flavors based on the preferences of your clients? Could you tell us a bit about your client relationship mantra and your creative process?

We strive to make the client as happy as possible. If the client’s favorite cake is a flavor we don’t currently offer, then we are happy to create it (we are always working on new flavors, so we might already have their flavor in the works).

We have to know, how do you not eat every treat you make! They all look so delicious :)

In the beginning, I did eat a lot of cake! I went through one Christmas holiday where I literally ate cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because we had so many orders I couldn’t leave the kitchen! Now though, we taste test every batch but just in little pinches. We also give away mess ups to other staff in the kitchen, so it’s easier to avoid! :) But every once in a while we treat ourselves.

Embellished cake pop by Sweet Lauren Cakes

What advice would you give aspiring bakers?

Practice, practice, practice and experiment. That’s how you learn what doesn’t work! And the more you work with your products, the more you know about them and how they behave in any situation. And it really is true about practicing, you get a little bit better each time!


Learn more about Lauren and Sweet Lauren Cakes on her website, follower her to Twitter (@Laurensays), visit her Facebook page.







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